Free Moodle Web Hosting

Moodle is widely used by teachers, college and university professors and other educators today as it is a great content management system for e-learning. With the e-learning free hosting offered by FreeHostia you get Moodle pre-installed for free. Moodle is also referred to as an LMS - a Learning Management Tool - it is perfect for course management - teachers can create courses, publish online materials, assign tasks and rate the submitted assignments all through a neat user-friendly web interface. Moodle is a free open-source web applications, which is a great match to FreeHostia's totally free web hosting plan.

No Charges, No Hassle - Totally Free Hosting

With FreeHostia you get an absolutely free Moodle hosting plan with no hidden charges. Besides that, installing Moodle at FreeHostia is extremely easy - it is done directly from your hosting control panel and it takes not more than ten minutes, thanks to the Elefante Installer - a web applications installer integrated within the web hosting control panel and available to all free hosting users.

Easy Web Hosting Upgrade Options

If at any time you require more features for your Moodle web site, you can easily upgrade to one of FreeHostia's premium hosting plan. Upgrading from the reliable free hosting plan to one of the premium hosting plans is easy - you do it from within your web hosting control panel and it takes only a minute.

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